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We have been around for sometime . We have moved " base " from our old now defunct web site to this more modern and flexible genealogy " blog" . Although based in the heart of Scotland in Crieff Perthshire we carry out research throughout the British Isles . Most of our communications are by e mail and we pride ourselves in providing a quick efficient resonse to your genealogical queries . Be you in in down town San Francisco our our on the Gold Coast of Queensland we will get your info to you as soon as possible Remember that the basis of our service is to use our expertise to provide that piece of vital information .

Many of you will wish to carry out your own research and enjoy the thrill of ancestral discovery . You may have however hit that " brick wall " . We may be able to find out what you have not . Give us a go ! Before we start we will give you a quote . If you wish to advance your research we will be available at any time to advise and provide .

Fees can be paid be using Pay Pal or by personal check /cheque . The Pay Pal method is probably the easiest if you live outwith the UK . We will send you a copy invoice for the deposit or research payment. If incorrect please e mail by return otherwise you will receive the formal invoice shortly after from Pay Pal This should be paid directly to them on their secure secure page .

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Where is Crieff ???

I live in the heart of Strathearn in picturesque Perthshire . We are equidistant from both Glasgow and Edinburgh which are about an hours drive away . Strathearn was the ancient Pictish Kingdom of Fortren and Kenneth McAlpin established the first capital of Scotland at Forteviot some few miles from Crieff . We are both Highland and Lowland ! Strange but true . The Highland Boundary fault line ( a geological fact ) bisects the province . Above ( north ) is Gaelic in heritage and below is Lowland where English , Scots or Lallans was the spoken word in olden days .

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Research into your Scottish Roots with Colin Mayall


Colin Mayall lives in Crieff in Strathearn in picturesque Perthshire . He has been teaching genealogy and local history to students in Crieff and Perth for many years .

His thesis on The Occupational Patterns of Crieff : 1861 to 1891 was published on CD by The Open University in 1998 . A lecturer at Perth College , Crieff Learning Centre , Pathways Learning Centre and Strathlearning , he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the fascinating history of the area , once the ancient centre of the Kingdom of Fortren and the locus of the oldest Roman frontier in Europe .

Colin has written four books covering this picturesque and romantic part of Perthshire. * The Story of Strathearn: An Anthology of People and Places * Around Crieff & Strathearn : Images of Scotland * Crieff and Strathearn Through Time * More Tales of Crieff & Strathearn All these can be purchased at a discounted rate through Colin . Click on the Book page for full details . Although specialising in Scotland , Colin carries out genealogical research throughout the UK . Perhaps being an author helps in presentation . Colin's reports are detailed and graphic . Using the benefits of modern technology copies of birth , marriage and death certificates are , wherever possible included with the report as well as census extracts and facimilies of exerts from the old parish registers .


Our terms are reasonable ( you will get a quotation prior to commencement of research ) . Your report will be detailed and informative with both charts showing family connections and written reports on your family background . We use e mail and whether you are in Canberra or Kansas your prized research will be on your computer in a remarkably short time

CONTACT US- ITS QUITE EASY !! Caledonian Connections Address : 5a East High Street Crieff Perthshire Scotland PH7 3AF

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