Sunday, 8 July 2012

Scottish Records - a brief explanation
Statutory records , that is the compulsory and legal requirement to register did not commence in Scotland until January 1855 . In England and Wales it was earlier in July 1837 . Scottish certificates are generally more informativre than their Sassenach equivalents . A Scottish birth cert shows where and when the parents married whilst the southern version does not . In Britain , censuses were carried out from 1841 at ten yearly intervals . Unfortunately 1841 does not give relatioship info or exact age . Ages in adults were rounded down . Birth places are not given only whether or not the individual was born in the County of the census . We can access 1841 , 1851 , 1861 , 1871 , 1881 , 1891 and 1901 . Because of the 100 years rule access to the records of the 1911 census will not be available ( generally) until 2012 !
There are some 900 + Parishes in Scotland and they were instructed by the Stewart Kings in the 16th century to maintain Parish Registers . The oldest ( Errol between Dundee and Perth ) is pre Reformation . Sadly if you ancestors came from one of the Western Isles like Islay or Mull you will find records did not start until about 1820 - nearly three hundred years after those in Errol !
Parish Records ( or OPRs ) detail marriages , births and baptisms ( not christenings that is terrminology used by the Mormons (LDS) and churches outwith Scotland ) . Deaths and burials are not often listed . Afraid in a Presbyterian society that was secondary to birth and marriage !! If you wish more info on Scottish registration and other sources contact Colin on .

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